Engineering Services Group

Our Engineering Services Group (ESG) supports your construction or operational projects with inspection and engineering personnel. ITLS-ESG recruits, indoctrinates, trains, and qualifies to practices which support your quality program. Our qualification practices incorporate written and performance-based examinations, and we are flexible in our approach, meaning we can add to or subtract from our practices to meet your needs.

Please read the article we authored (Materials Evaluation – Journal of ASNT, May 2012) on Performance Based Testing.

The ITLS Outage Services Group was the forerunner to our Engineering Services Group. Established in 2002, this group provided qualified and certified personnel to the commercial nuclear industry, implementing 10CFR50 Appendix B and ASME B&PV codes, along with daughter standards, incorporated by reference.

This brochure on our Outage Services Group (now, our Engineering Services Group), highlights the various type of inspection and examination personnel we pre-qualify, train, and qualify. It also provides a broad overview on the codes and standards we implement.



NTI Classroom Training

We’ve learned from training professionals in the nuclear industry, the best course composition is 50/50. Using 50% classroom and 50% lab exercises, students learn and gain technical experience. Our quality control inspection courses at Industrial Testing Laboratory Services include (but are not limited to):

  • Mechanical Inspection
  • Visual Welding Inspection
  • Electrical Inspection
  • Instrument and Control Inspection
  • Civil / Concrete Inspection

Specialized Training

We are the only organization endorsed by the government to train civilians who are preparing to take the NDT NAVSEA Examiner examinations. These NDT courses focus on using and understanding the NAVSEA Welding Standard and associated Military Standards / Specifications.

We’ve created specialized virtual training courses for the commercial nuclear industry. For example, we have provided mechanical inspection training to nuclear utilities, focusing on hand and machine torquing of components.

We are at our best when supporting your training needs.